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Captures water and nutrients so your plants thrive - even in drought conditions!

        What is Hydrosource CLP?

Hydrosource is harmless to your family and pets. OSHA, the USDA and numerous university studies have determined Hydrosource to be non-hazardous. It benefits the environment by holding nutrients in the soil preventing them from contaminating groundwater and waterways!
Slippery when wet!


Keep dry and out of direct sunlight.

Mix Hydrosource dry or hydrated in the top 6-8 inches of soil. Pre-hydrated is the preferred method for containers and pots or individual plantings such as shrubs and trees. The crystals are first hydrated which prevents the displacement of plantings or changes in grade as the crystals expand with water. Hydrosource is used dry, mixed or tilled directly into soil for large applications such as lawns and fields. Remember to consider expansion.

See the Application Chart and find your intended use. Choose the appropriate grind size,. In general, salty soils reduce water holding capacity and require more Hydrosource and higher percolation rates require smaller grind sizes to insure full hydration. Full directions are inside the  package.


One 5 oz. bag makes about 3.5 gallons (0.45 cu. ft.) of hydrated gel.
Hydrosource CLP™ is a gel-forming super absorbent crosslinked polyarcylamide that gathers hundreds of times its weight in water and stores nutrients. Mixed with soil, it provides a reservoir of water and nutrients for your plants and lasts up to 20 years! This means you use less water and fertilizers. Due to a constant supply of water and nutrients, Hydrosource grows bigger, healthier and faster maturing plants with more flowers and produce.
Up to 3-5 times the yield with
one third of the water!
One dry crystal (right) absorbs hundreds
 of times its own weight in water to
 produce a gel chunk (left).
Only a small amount of water and nutrients are absorbed by the roots while the rest washes away.
Water and nutrients are absorbed by the roots and by the hydrosource crystals which stores them and releases them gradually to provide continuous nourishment.

For lawns, gardens, potted plants and field crops. Additional uses include hydrogarments, hot and cold packs, floral arrangements and many more! See www.hydrosource.com for ideas and more information.
Application Chart
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